Mushrooms: Psalliota arvensis

Mushrooms: Psalliota arvensis

Class: Basidiomycetes
Scientific name: Psalliota arvensis subsp. exquisita.
Synonyms: Agaricus arvensis Schff .: Fr.

Morphological characteristics

Hat: 6-11 cm, first ovoid then open, white tending to sulfur, which stains yellow with the touch and with age, solid, naked.
Gills: thick, whitish, then pinkish and finally brownish-blackish.
Stem: 4-8 x 1-2 cm, white, sometimes spotted with yellow, almost cylindrical and enlarged at the base, with double ring, hanging.
Meat: white or yellowish, sweet taste and smell of anise.
spore: dark brown.

Psalliota arvensis- Agaricus arvensis Schff .: Fr. (photo Daniele Sartori

Edibility, habitat and observations

Relationship with the surrounding plant environment: saprophytic mushroom.
In small groups in meadows and forest clearings, from June to October.
Excellent edible, even when raw.

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