BCS motor mower

BCS motor mower


BCS was founded in 1943 in Abbiategrasso, in the province of Milan, from an intuition of the engineer Castoldi: the construction of a motor mower with an internal combustion engine, to lighten the work of mowing in the fields which at that time was done exclusively by hand. It will truly be a help to the agricultural world, thanks to its enormous working capacity for the time. Attentive to innovation, at the end of the 1960s, BCS produced the first small two-wheel tractors and in the following decade introduced rotary disc presses for tractors. Today it designs and then manufactures agricultural and green maintenance machinery, for mobile welding and generating sets as a multinational leader in mechanization. Three factories in Italy guarantee quality production, certified by the ISO 9001 standard.

The range of BCS motor mowers

Whatever your needs, surely there is a BCS motor mower that can satisfy them. Three series make up the BCS motor mowers line: the MAX, the hydrostatic and the 622 series. There are seven machines in the Max series, all in the blue color that distinguishes the BCS vehicles. All vehicles can be equipped indifferently with petrol or diesel engines, capable of delivering a power of 4.8 Hp on the smallest vehicle, the 615 MAX to reach 10.7 Hp of the largest, the 630 WS MAX. All are equipped with an independent PTO at 990 rpm with engagement in an oil bath and with the mechanical quick changeover direction of travel, for better ease of use. The 630 WS model is designed for heavy duty and equipped with steering clutches.

BCS 660 series motor mower

The BCS 660 HY WS PowerSafe motor mower is for hard use, expressly designed to work in conditions of maximum slope; thanks also to hydrostatic drive and hydraulically controlled assisted steering. It is the only machine in the world to have a hydraulic clutch with multiple steel discs in an oil bath and flanged directly to the engine. The engines available are petrol or diesel, with the engines designed for steep slopes. Gearbox with handlebar selector for slow or fast gears, manual release for push maneuvering and parking brake. For use on steep slopes, in addition to normal rubber wheels, anti-drift steel wheels are also available, to be coupled to rubber ones or rubber tracks.

BCS motor mower: The 622 series

The 622 motorbike is the "granddaughter" of the glorious 243, the progenitor. The raised bridge concept and the lateral transmission unit remain unchanged. Machine designed to have a long life, equipped with a 4-speed forward plus reverse gearbox, it is equipped with a 10 Hp air-cooled single-cylinder diesel engine that also drives an independent PTO at 1125 rpm. The towing seat allows the operator to sit and the adjustable handlebar increases its ease of use, while the independently controlled brakes on the two wheels and the differential lock allow great maneuverability in all conditions. Everything in this machine is designed for highly demanding use: it can be equipped with the 127 or 140 cm cutter bar.

Video: BCS 620 Max Lawn Mower Exterior and Interior