The scaffolding is mobile scaffolding, usually in aluminum or steel, which can reach a height of 20m, while the base varies according to the height - obviously, a 2m high scaffolding can have a base of 1sqm, while the same surface it would certainly make it unstable at 20m high. They are mainly used in construction, but also to paint or varnish exteriors at high heights. They are very simple structures, but at the same time made with extreme care and precision to be stable and safe. They consist of two side shoulders, with steps to reach the horizontal sills and structures called cruises that join shoulders and sills making the structure stable. The scaffolding thus formed is therefore mounted on wheels to be mobile.

Price scaffolding

The price of the scaffolding depends on its main characteristics: height, material. For "low altitude" work you can also use scaffolding two or three meters high, and on the market there are cheap ones, but be careful not to sacrifice safety for the Prices start at 40/50 € for low and aluminum scaffolding, light to carry. Already a galvanized iron structure and a little more reinforced, at the same height (2 / 3m) can cost from 80 to 100 €, but with the quality the price also rises, and it is not uncommon to find steel scaffolding equipped with a higher number of cruises at 170/200 € if not more.When we look for something above 5m, the prices go up steeply, because the higher the height, the greater the surface area of ​​the base, as well as the number of cruises and security measures: we are talking about € 750 for aluminum structures of 5 / 6m, while for heights such as 14 or 15m we well exceed € 1000 and even reach € 2000.For higher heights it may be necessary to request a customized structure, or in any case contact the retailer directly for a quote.

Scaffolding rental

For impromptu work, the purchase of a scaffolding may not be the best choice: you face an expense that you may not even be able to amortize, reselling a used scaffolding is not easy and finally it is a bulky structure that requires a lot of space. In this case, rental is the most appropriate solution. Safety is important, so you don't have to go to savings. For this reason it is better to rent a scaffolding: the prices fall, but the quality does not At the price at which you normally buy 2 or 3m high scaffolding among the simplest (and therefore less safe), it is possible to rent another 4 or 5m with some crciera in Prices start from 50/60 €, to which a deposit usually has to be added.When renting this property (or any other object), it is important to check the state it is in at the pickup, to avoid paying damages that were already present, and when asking for the price you have to check how long it refers to (50 € for a day is not the same as 50 € for a week!)

Pharaoh scaffolding

The Faraone scaffolding is produced by the homonymous company, specializing in ladders, automatic ladders, scaffolding and material lifting.The company, founded in 1969 as a manufacturer of aluminum frames, today offers scaffolding in five lines: Top System, Rapido System, Rapido 160 , Pontal and Special Scaffolding.Faraone produces single, double or triple scaffolding, up to 17m high, in aluminum, with pressure brake wheels. It also produces special scaffolding for ivory in the theater, where therefore there are chairs and it is not easy to position the scaffolding, or specific and certified to work on the cabs of trucks or buses. The Faraone model is therefore a choice of quality and safety. For details, visit the website

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